Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tornado Tuesday

Hi, everyone... we just wanted to let everyone know that tornados came thru our area early this morning. Everyone is alright but BG has gone to help our Aunt with all her downed trees. Mom is going to work and she will be able to see how much damage there is around. Hope everyone is okay...

Purrs & arfs.... Ghost & BG

Mom made me use BG's picture cause she was going to help with the trees ~ Ghost

UPDATE - our Aunt's house is fine just some trees down. Our neighbor has damage to their chicken house but didn't have any chickens. However, a friend of Mom's and her family have lost their house. It slid completely off foundation and is unsafe for the family. Mom's friends, husband & their two sticky little people (they were in house when storm hit) are all okay but they have spent the day trying to salvage whatever they can. Another house near Mom's friend is just gone - it was swept away by the storm and our friend's Aunt (she was just leaving for work when storm hit) is in hospital in critical condition. Our thoughts are with them and all the other families who have lost family or property to the storms.