Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hello everyone... my name is B.G. (short for baby girl). I am the new resident in Alabama living with Mia & Ghost. They don't like it very much but I'm staying! We are kept separate as much as possible. Anyway, I'm about 2 years old and am a Jack Russell woofie. I like to ride in monsters with wheels, belly rubs & chasing tennis balls ~ B.G.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Formerly Feral Friday

A long time ago, Mom saw this little dirty white cat running across the yard into the pasture. She at first thought it might be Blanket (the one who came before me as he just had disappeared several weeks earlier). But no it was a small hungry dirty little white kitty who didn't trust humans at all. So Mom started feeding me & watching from inside to make sure I ate then she started staying outside with me while I ate. Finally after while I finally got close enough for Mom to touch. I finally felt safe enough to take a bath & she saw my beautiful white fur. Now almost 12 years later I am an inside cat who still will growl & hiss at everyone but I know in my heart that Mom won't let anyone hurt me & though I have had a rough life I'm very grateful to have landed my furrever home. I hope all the feral kitties out there are as lucky as me...


Monday, October 16, 2006

Mia Update

The dread pirate blogger won't let me upload any pictures but Mia wanted to at least give all her friends an update since ya'll have been asking after her.

Hi, ya'll... I survived the visit to the vet. They poked & proded at me then sent me home with 10 days worth of medicine that I just finished (YUCK!). I'm feeling a little better and seem to be eating more. The vet is concerned about my heart & liver so Mom will call him back in less than 2 weeks to tell him how I am doing. I might have to go back. Purrs ~ Mia

Anyone know how to get rid of a woofie? Purrs ~ Ghost

Hi, everyone... I'm the newbie around here. I'm a woofie & I'm staying no matter how mad that makes Mia & Ghost. I haven't told Mom my name yet but I answer when she calls me Baby Girl. The vet said that I am around 2 years old & am a Jack Russell woofie. Woof ~ B.G. (Baby Girl)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Updates from Ghost

Hi, everyone... Ghost here... I'm giving updates on things down here in Alabama so here goes. Mia has appointment with V-E-T tomorrow to have blood work done to see why she is losing weight. The intruder looks to have taken up permanent residence on the car port. We may let her introduce herself later but right now she is tired because she has just gotten back from the V-E-T herself. Bathrooms are finally pretty much complete so no more noise from that for now. I'm doing fine and Mom is pretty busy with work so there is your update from down here. Hope everyone is well and now I need to take a nap!