Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day (and Granddaddy too)

Hi! Happy Mother's Day! I'd like to tell story about my cat mom. She was a stray that my human mom was feeding and she had 3 kittens, two fluffy ginger cats & ME! To try not to confuse anyone, when I say mom I referring to my human one & will say cat mom otherwise. Mom & a friend came down to take care of feeding strays one day and they saw that my cat mom had given birth s they started looking for kittens. They caught glimpses of two of them but then cat mom brought her over to a bush & showed her something underneath it. Can you guess what was under bush? It was ME!!! Mom picked me up & I was very scared but she took me home where Jade hissed at me. She decided that I was perfect mix of Ghost & Mia so they must have sent me to her. And that how my cat mom found me my forever home (and Jade still hisses at me). We aren't really celebrating Mother's Day so much today. Today is my Granddaddy's birthday! It is a big number for him (with zero on end) so his surprise party is this afternoon (shhh.... don' tell). Purrs ~ Myst