Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Worried Wordy Wednesday

Hi, everyone, Mia reporting here... Mom's Mama (grandmother) is back in the hospital so we are all very worried about her. Mama was to swallow the camera today and she was so weak that they took her to the ER and we believe she will be admitted back to the hospital tonight. Mama is very weak and not eating much so everyone is very concerned. If ya'll have some spare purrs for her, we would very much appreciate it.

It is hot - we topped out today around 107 here so we aren't wanting to do anything but sleep. Mom is grumbling about all the 100+ degree weather. Nothing much happening down here but hope everyone is staying cool. Mom said our posting is still going to be sporadic because of her work and her helping with Mama.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We're Back!!!

Hi, everyone! We've missed ya'll. Lots of stuff has happened since we last posted. First, Ghost wants to talk about the picture.

This is the 1st picture Mom (she wasn't even Mom to me then) ever took of me. I was a feral kitten who was starving and I decided to let her take care of me. The picture isn't the best but Mom said it is one of her favorite cause it the first one.

Okay, on to what has been happening... Mom finished a huge project at work which is still causing her lots of work but they made the deadline. We had Buddy visit but we hope he is gone home now (he is a blond Lab and lives next door). The neice had her 15th birthday on 8/3. And Mom's Grandmother had to go into the hospital. We are going to let Mom give an update on her.

Jen (AKA the Mom) here... I hope that I'm able to help the girls more with their blog now. Work still hasn't calmed down so I don't have a lot of time. As Beau reported on Blogosphere, my Grandmother had to go into the hospital for blood loss. They ran lots of test but weren't able to pinpoint the problem. She was released on Friday night but will have to go back to the doctor later this week to swallow a camera to see if they can locate the problem. She is 92 years old and has heart issues as well so please purr for her. Thanks... we are all happy to be back online.

We've missed you all!

Ghost, Mia, BG & Jen