Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Answering some of your questions...

ZS&S asked about the woofie. BG AKA Baby Girl came here in 2006. She is a Jack Russell so she isn't very big - see her picture above. We have no idea where she came from - she just showed up. She only barks when she chases the cows or gets mad at evil squeaky toys. She is scared of Ghost because of the scary Ghost HISS!

Parker asked how old I am and we aren't entirely sure of the answer to that. Our best guess is probably between 2 and 3 - Mom said she could be way off cause it has been a long time since she was around younger cats.

Tybalt asked how I was lucky (?) enough to be Ghost's new sister. As much as she has hissed, I'm not sure she thinks it lucky! Mom said the short answer was it was the right time when I showed up.

Hopefully, Mom will be able to get my gotcha story up soon. Thanks to everyone welcoming me. Ya'll are a lot nicer than that grumpy white cat is to me.


Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Memorial Day to all our American friends and a big salute to the troops who gave all serving our great country!

Mom said I had to introduce the brat (oops, Mom gets on to me for calling her that). Anyway, I'm told this is my new sister (I didn't order one - still don't know how I ended up having a d-o-g as a sister either)... She is getting ready to tell you her story or at least the little we know of it. So the brat finally told Mom her name... so here is Jade getting ready to talk to all of you.

Jade can be quite shy so we may have a hard time getting her to talk. Ya'll list any questions you want to answer & that might make her talk faster.