Friday, May 06, 2011

Family Friday

Hello, my name is Cocoa! I just moved in and I'm new at this blogging thing. Hmmm... Mom said I need to tell you about myself. First off, I am a good girl (Mom told me so), am quite petite (Blackie is bigger than I am), and am around two years old (according to the mean old v-e-t). Mom is hoping to get a better picure but she had to have her nephew hold me because I wouldn't be still for picture. It nice to meet all of you... let me know if anyone wants to know more. Mom is thinking about posting bios on all of us to remind everyone who we all are since she doesn't help blog enough.

Woofs everyone... Cocoa

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bird TV with Myst

Hi everyone!!! Does anyone (especially Nicky) want to come watch bird TV with me? The bird feeders are right outside the windows & we can watch from table or chairs.

If you have Mom on facebook she posted a picture of the new family member, we stil think we should send it away but she won't let us.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


As many of you know, storms hit Alabama (our state) and other parts of the Southeast US very hard this past week. We and our family are fine - no damage here just some thunderstorms and winds. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people & furries who were affected by the storms.

On another note... we've aquired a new member of family & some of us are plotting to mail it to North Pole (don't tell Mom). We hope to have pictures & updates later.

Purrs... Jade, Myst & Blackie

Note from Jen (AKA Mom) - my sister & family came down from Lacey's Spring (Huntsville, AL area) Thursday because although there wasn't much damage they were out of power for an extended period of time. They just got it back today & went back home. My best friend lost her Dad after extended illness so I will be running up to Rome, GA tonight & again tomorrow for visitation & funeral so I will try to have update on new family member soon. Thanks... Jen