Friday, February 23, 2007

Five Friday Facts with BG

Hi, everyone... BG here... Mom said I could post some facts about me today.

1) I'm the 1st woofie that Mom has ever had
2) Ghost hisses at me but Mia & I having staring contests and play battles through the front door.
3) I love to go for rides
4) I like to go with my Granddaddy to help him work in his wood shop
5) The V-E-T said I'm a Jack Russell and am about 2 1/2 years old

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Answers to Front Yard Questions

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about our yard. We thought we would try to answer some of your questions.

We saw lots of questions about the chickens. They are contained in their house so they don't bother us (other than the smell.) We don't get feathers to play with though or get to visit the chickens. The chicken houses use to belong to our family but we sold them off because they are lots of work.

Eric asked about Evil Intruder Kitties - there are some places to hide but BG (the woofie) keeps them out of the yard. Yes, there are some mices out there to chase.

To answer the question about size... we do have a large yard. Our house sits on a five acre plot of land so we have lots of land. We are able to have that much land because we live in country and used to have farm.

We hope we were able to answer your questions. We will try to post more pictures for all our friends who have all the snow since it is still nice outside today.