Monday, December 21, 2009

Mondays with Myst

HI!!!! Sorry for no pictures but I won't stay still long enough for Mom to snap a picture... I'm only about 6 months old so I have questions...

1. Why can some bugs fly? I can't catch them when they land on ceiling.
2. Why does Jade hiss at me?
3. Why can't I help cook?
4. Why is there a tree in the living room with door closed?
5. Why am I not allowed to climb it?
6. Why are there socks hanging on wall?
7. Who is this Santa fellow that is suppose to be coming?
8. Why does Blackie live outside while Jade & I are inside?
9. Why does Mom kiss me on the head?
10. Why are there closed doors?

Mom said there are a lot of smart cats on blogosphere so I'm hoping someone can help me with my questions (I have more).

Thx - Myst