Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

All gave some and some gave all
And some stood through for the red, white and blue
And some had to fall
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties and recall
Some gave all

~ from Billy Ray Cyrus's Some Gave All

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ghost's Tuesday Tag

Monty tagged me for my favorite things. Thanks Monty - here I go....

Time of day: Bedtime
Day of the Week: all the same to me (Mom disturbs my naps more on weekends)
Season of the year: Fall (doesn't last very long down here)
Holiday: any that don't interrupt my napping
Beaches: don't do beaches
Song: Eine Kleine Nachtmusic by Mozart (night music = sleep)
Talk show: none
Movies: quiet ones so I can nap
Soaps: no thank you
Beverage: water
Fruit: nope
Snack: chicken
Food: grilled chicken stinky goodness
Restaurant: nope - rather stay home & nap

Whoa... that was a lot of work. I gotta take a nap... I don't know who has been tagged so if you would like to do this please consider yourself tagged.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tagged Thursday by Mia

Tiger Lily tagged us for the 7 random thingies. I'm taking my turn since Ghost already did hers.

1. I was named for soccer (football for our European friends) player Mia Hamm. My Mom didn't name me - I already was Mia when I came to live here. My former "owner" moved & left me outside.

2. When I want something I tell whoever will listen & meow loudly until I get my message through to the humans (they are slow sometimes).

3. I love human food... currently I've been having BBQ, shrimp & chicken while I help clean up the leftovers from the party.

4. Mom is my favorite person but I love my Granddad & Aunt too. My Aunt rescued me & got her sister (Mom) to come take me to my forever home.

5. I must snoopervise everyone in the house. Mom has to have my help when she is working or cooking or doing laundry, etc.

6. I have black paw pads, blue eyes & combination of white, black and grey fur.

7. I have morning routine where Mom feeds me breakfast and she stays with me while I eat (she has to drink her diet dr pepper to get going) then after I'm through eating she lets me have some milk. Then she can go get ready for her day.

I think everyone has been tagged but if you would like to play consider yourself tagged. We are thinking about making Mom do it on her & that d-o-g too but we will see if she has time.

Jen AKA the Mom here... thanks for everyone's wishes for my Dad. I think we surprised him with the party. I promised not to give away his age! We survived my nephew's college graduation on Monday. I'm very proud of my Emory graduate but whoever made out schedule for it to start at 8:00am on Monday should be beaten. Work is crazy for me right now so the girl's posting may be sporadic at best. We try to get around to as many blogs as we can each day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ghost was tagged

Thank you Faz for tagging me.

Here are the rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. As you might can tell from my picture, I only have one eye. This was picture right after I came back from V-E-T. If you look closely you can see my stitches where eye was removed.

2. I was a feral kitty when I came here but Mom helped me trust her & convinced me to come move in with her.

3. I'm a girl! Sometimes people don't know because my name doesn't give them any clue.

4. My Granddaddy's (Mom's Dad) birthday is tomorrow (5/13). Shhh... they are planning a surprise party and letting him think it is for Mom's nephew who is graduating from Emory Monday.

5. I have lost all my teeth - some never came in due to my diet as kitten. Others have either been pulled or fallen out due to infections

6. I'm still mad that BG (that d-o-g) is living here. But I'm not scared of her cause I know Mom wouldn't let anything happen to me.

7. I have completely white fur, pink paw pads, and my eye is green.

We think everyone has been tagged - but if you would like to play please consider yourself tagged.

Mom hasn't been helping us with blog very much because she is working all the time. We hope it will get better but she isn't very hopeful - she is sitting around looking at her laptop mumbling about JDBC, C, databases, VPN, sftp, and other stuff. Hopefully she won't lose her mind and will be able to help us more soon.