Thursday, March 01, 2007

My First Tag/Meme by BG

Bear tagged BG :
A) 4 places I lived: here (I don't remember before I showed up here)
B) 4 things I love to watch: birds, rabbits, my toys, Mom cooking
C) 4 places I have been outside home: wood shop with Granddaddy, Great-Grandmother's house, Granddady's & Aunt's store, PetSmart
D) 4 websites I visit daily: Cat Blogosphere, Beau's Blog, Missy, KC & Bear's blog, Meezer Tails
E) 4 favorite foods: Greenies, pork chops, chicken, steak (all people food)
F) 4 places I would rather be: In car riding, playing outside, asleep with Granddaddy, helping Mom
G) 4 toys I have owned and played with: BooBoo 1, BooBoo 2, balls, tuggie rope
H) 4 nicknames my family tried to call me: Baby Girl, Good Girl, Roo (as in Kangaroo), JR (as in Jack Russell)
I) Regarding Catnip: nope
J) Regarding Cat Grass: I like real grass
K) First 4 I'd buy after winning lottery: food, treats, toys, safe home for homeless animals
L) 4 things I do besides eat, sleep, litterbox: Play, ride, dig, help the humans
M) 4 things I want to do this summer: Play, ride, make friends with Mia & Ghost, sleep
N) My 4 most prized possessions with limited value: Mom, Granddaddy, my house, my bed
O) What I’ll do before tomorrow is over: Sleep, go for ride, help Granddaddy, help Mom
P) Favorite place to hide and play? I like to go behind the couch
Q) 4 other "pets" your staff have kept: Mia, Ghost, Blanket, Sam (all felines)
R) 4 furiends I tag to respond: anyone who wants to play (I will try to get Mia & Ghost to play)

Know what to do? Copy this list and paste it into new post wif yur own answers. Then pass it on. If it's too long, skip some questions an nap whenefur you feel like it - you're a cat and don't have to do what anyone tells you.


Dragonheart said...

Great list! Nice to meet you BG. You sound like a nice woofie! I like watching birds too.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, BG! I's so glad this meme has spread to woofies. I didn't know woofies like watchin birds. Is there sumfin like catnip for dogs we could put in that question? Bonnie wasn't finkin of woofies when she prepared the meme. Fanks fur playin!

Diva Kitty's said...

Very interesting BG - It's nice to get to learn more about you!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

you sound like quite a friendly happy woofie!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Momma helped me with mine, so I will post it tomorrow.


Derby said...

Mia and Ghost, are you all OK after all of the nasty weather?

Hope so, thinking of you.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We never would have guessed you like pork chops and riding in cars!!

Casey said...

Sorry this was posted here but I couldn't find an email address.

This blog has been listed on

Come over and take a look, make sure we have everything correct.

While you're there, being a cat, check out this animatorial:

LETTER TO THE BERKOWITZES written by Snowball (cat)

Animal Internet is a virtual soapbox for animatorials (editorials written by animals.) We're not just another ...STER site where “pets" and "owners” exchange pictures and grooming tips. We are something entirely new - a website run totally by animals whose mission is to publish and promote the free exchange of animal opinion.

Forty Paws said...

Nice to meet you BG!

Thanks for stopping over and wishing me a Happy Purrfday!!

Luf, Jenny @ Forty Paws

Forty Paws said...


All yur teefies are GONE? Did you haf da Flowers too? How old are u? Dorf is almost 7. The V-E-T dentist sez poodins can eat AOK wid-owt teefies, but I dunno!

Luf, G.T.