Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blogiversary Gift for Kukka-Maria

Please see our above blogiversary gift for the Emperess Kukka-Maria... We hope you enjoy it


SpillToJill said...

I am writing to you because I read your blog on a regular basis - just an FYI:)

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Hot(M)BC said...

Furry nice Mia and Ghost! :)

~~ Sanjee

Kukka-Maria said...

Wow. I can not wait to stuff Brach inside that and shove him around the living room! I mean...what a beautiful present for me to use in a manner that is not harmful to my brother!

Thank you so much! I'm adding it to my gift receipt post this morning!

Zeus said...

Very nice gift, Mia and Ghost! Kukka will be traveling in style now!

Gemini said...

Oh what a lovely gift that is!