Friday, May 06, 2005

First Blog

Hello, World! We finally convinced Mom to blog for us. We are two cats who have complete control of the house. Hopefully, we can get pictures up soon too. Please let us know any comments especially if you have been doing this blogging stuff for a while.

Be sure to meow at us soon!!!


Timmy said...

Wahoo! Mia and Ghost have a bloggie!! Hey, nice title. Mommy was thinking of it for a book title about me but that hasn't happened yet ;) LOL!! You know you can always email my Mommy and ask her questions about how to do stuff!

Hannah said...

Hi Mia and Ghost! Every cat should have a blog, it's the law!

Ginger said...

Hello Mia & Ghost! I'm glad you finally convinced your Mommy to get you a blog of your own!

:::curls up and settles in:::

Grammie said...

Hi Mia and Ghost, Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!
xxxooo Grammie

Mia and Ghost said...

Wow - thank you all for your comments.

Hi, Timmy - Mom promised to work on the blog this coming week cause she on vacation. Thanks for the offer of help. We are sure Mom will take you up on it.

Hi, Hannah - Mom made us share one blog for now cause she doesn't have time. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, Ginger - we are glad to get the blog up. Mom has promised to get pictures up soon and help us keep up with our blog.

Hi, Grammie - Mom said that we would get more of our history up on the website as well as pictures. You won't see us in pictures together because Ghost hisses at me (Mia) when I look at her.

Hope ya'll will keep coming to the site as we add to it. We have Mom read your blogs to us every day.