Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mid-week blues

We are a little depressed this week. Mom just told us she has to go on business trip this weekend. She is not happy cause she doesn't like to fly. We are going to miss Mom. We hope she leaves plenty of cat food, treats and ice cream for us


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you guys! It stinks when your person goes away, but ya gotta use the guilt factor to score lots of luvin' and treats when they get home.

Buzzerbee & meep

Jinky said...

Hey you guys!!

I didnt know our Mommies could fly? I ha snever seen my Mommie fly!..She does lots of other stramge stuff...But I ha snever sen her fly!!

But the bestest thing is is your bean will comes back and will give syou lots of extra loves and things.

Oh yeah..And remember!! When your bean comes back. You is 'sposed to ignore them and a'tend likes you doesnt even knows who the beans is!!


Mia and Ghost said...

Thanks Buzzerbee & Meep - we hope she brings us back something nice too. We will be sure to help her pack tonight.

Mia and Ghost said...

Hi, Jinky!!!

Mom said that she has to get on an airplane (whatever that is) to fly. She said something about some people thinking she only needed a broom but we didn't understand that. Maybe your beans will get it.

She better bring us something good back. We don't know what is out in Colorado but that is where she said she is going.

William said...

You get ice cream? Yum! Still, it's sad when you don't have your mom around. And flying! How scary!

Mia and Ghost said...

Hi, William,

Yes, we get ice cream sometimes but only vanilla. Mom doesn't let us have much cause she afraid we will get sick. Mom is getting more nervous about flying now because the time is drawing near. Thanks for stopping by.