Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hi, I'm Ghost - this is a picture of me in the washing machine. This is before I had eye surgery that removed my eye. Posted by Hello


William said...

Hi, Ghost! I'd love to explore the washer, but I've only been in the least until my mom made me get out.

I'm sorry about your eye. My brother has eye problems, too. Last year he had an operation and when he got home he smelled very funny! I hissed at him.

I guess that was pretty mean, huh. Anyway, thanks for visiting my site. Glad you got one of your own!

Mia and Ghost said...

Hi, William!

Mom said you were cute. They close the lid on the dryer now so I can't get in. Plus I am getting older and can't jump up there as easily.

I didn't like going to get the eye surgery but I'm much happier without that infected eye. It hurt me and made me grumpy. I am usually the one who hisses at Mia. She isn't too bad for a little sister as long as she leaves me alone.

Come back soon

Anonymous said...

wow - both you and Mia are really pretty! i'm sorry 'bout your eye, but very glad that it feels better now. your mom musta been very worried 'bout you - when Buzz was havin' eye trouble, i saw my mom cry. you are also very brave for checkin' out the laundry room - i don't like the noise those machines make so i try to stay outta there.

Anonymous said...

ooops - sorry forgot to sign my post - that was me, meep

Mia and Ghost said...

Thanks Meep. We think you and Buzz are handsome. My eye was giving me lots of trouble and I wasn't being very nice to Mom (I think she cried too) cause it hurt. I didn't like it but now it doesn't hurt. Mom is looking for a more current picture of me so you can see how I look now.

I don't have very good hearing so the noise from the laundry room doesn't bother me much. But Mia is scared of the vaccum.

lcduplatt said...

Here are some real ghost pictures...enjoy!
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