Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mom is home!

Mom has been home since Thursday. She has been busy with cleaning all her clothes - Mia helped her unpack. We had our kitchen cabinets painted today. It was very smelly. We hope he gets done soon. Mom promised to start helping more often in future. We will hold her to it.


Timmy said...

It's always a great time of rejoicing when my Mommy comes home. Even if she's only out in the yard. I just love having her around! I bet you two are very happy to have her back. Your purr things must be awfully tired from all that purrin'! Now 'bout this paint stuff. Can ya lick it? Does it taste good?

Myst and Blackie said...

Hi, Timmy!

We have had to take lots of naps to rest our purr since mom has been home. The paint is smelly but it has a good name. It is called cattail. We don't understand because it isn't the same color as mine or Ghost's tail. We don't like it at all - the kitchen and living room ceilings are suppose to be painted today.