Sunday, May 15, 2005

What We Like About Sundays

We had a good Sunday.

Mia - I got some milk from the glass that Ryan (Mom's nephew) left on the table. He really shouldn't have left it if he wasn't finished. I just stuck my paw in it and then got the milk licked off the paw. Mom didn't let me have a lot because it makes my tummy hurt if I drink too much. Mom's sister was here and gave me head kisses. I had some treats and ate some of Ghost's food.

Ghost - I had a good day too. I got to go outside with Ryan. He tried to fly a kite in the rain which didn't work out. Then I came back in and took a nap. I got some hamburger cut up for me for supper and I am still trying to talk them into some vanilla ice cream. I didn't like it when Mom checked to see if my eye was running but fortunately it was all clear today.


Jinky said...

Hey, how does you guys gets those neat bean snacks? I thinks I would like some! 'specially if they is as good as eating crab stuff!

It sounds like you guys is having fun!!


Mia and Ghost said...

Hey, Jinky,

We just try to look cute and sometimes we get some good snacks. Mom gave us ice cream that night too! What is this crab stuff? I don't think we have tried it.